Home Birth: This includes all routine clinical care for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, except for ultrasounds and any specialist consults. Things that set our care apart from routine hospital care are hourlong prenatal visits either in your home or in our office in Keene, birth in the home setting, 3 home visits in the first week after the birth, and and a 2 week postpartum visit, either at home or our office. Over the course of care you are able to develop a strong trusting relationship with your midwife who will be there for you throughout the entire childbearing year. Home birth is typically billable to insurance, including medicaid plans.

Doula services: If you are choosing to birth at home or in a birth center and want extra support, or in hospital but want the continuity of care and support of a home birth midwife at your side, our doula services might be right for you. We endeavor to carry the spirit of home into the hospital setting and help facilitate gentle birthing for people who either can’t or don’t want to give birth at home. We have a spectrum of techniques, strategies and useful items to ease the most challenging births and enhance the smoothest. Birth doula services include 2 home or office visits before the birth, and the birth itself. Postpartum doula services include a 4 home-visit package and can be a godsend for first-time and fifth-time parents alike! Doula services are not typically billable to insurance.

Placenta encapsulation: The benefits of ingesting your encapsulated placenta have not been well researched, but many parents have reported increased energy, mood, milk supply and iron levels postpartum, as well as decreased recovery time. This service is not typically billable to insurance.

Supplemental prenatal care, counseling and consultation: If you are looking for a second opinion or something more in the prenatal period, I am happy to schedule a la carte prenatal appointments to help fill in whatever you feel is missing, or add a different perspective to your situation. Nutrition counseling, mental and physical exercise, decision-making support, and a listening ear are things we’re happy to provide! These services may be billable to insurance, depending on the plan.


Please inquire for rates and schedules.